You don't even know how long you've been wearing those socks. A long time. Long, because even without bending down you can smell them. Your TNs are already boiling. The socks are all hot and wet. They are just waiting for the right snout that will deserve them.

The bitch is already kneeling before you. He knows very well where he belongs. He starts sniffing around TNs. He's already all horny, he starts licking your shoe with his tongue. He's licking it like a whore. OK, you deserved it, bitch. He starts to untie the shoe with passion. His snout is already at the socks so that no aroma escapes when he takes the shoe off.

Shoe's half taken off. His pleased snout between the shoe and the sole of the sock. He is inhaling and moaning. He is already intoxicated to the max and he can't stand it. He hurriedly takes off the shoe. He is in amok, does not know what the fuck he should smell first. He alternates between putting his snout to your shoe and to the sox, inhaling deeply of the fucking smell.

Finally he puts your TN on his standing cock and his snout starts rhythmically sucking on a sock. He sucks the scent of the male from every inch of the wet sock. He is already so hot that he starts putting whole sox in his mouth. The whore deserves some encouragement.

I hit him in the face a couple of times with my sock. That gets him even more excited. He licks the whole sole from top to bottom. Finally he takes the sock off and puts it in his mouth. Sock in snout, sock on snout, sniff from shoe, sniff from foot, sniff addicted.

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SNIFF ADDICTED (Spring 2022)

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